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All Region Choir Tryout Results

Dear FMS family, 

 The following students auditioned for the Region Choir yesterday and everyone did a phenomenal job!  Special congratulations goes to the students in BOLD. Based on their outstanding scores, they earned a spot in the All Region Choir:


Bea Abella

Madeleine Dyal

Rachel Ritchie

Kalifornia Campbell

Alexia Helm

Kandice Burrow

Tate Beeles

Aiden Gordon

Ashton Neely


Lynnli Wiseman - Chair 1 - Soprano 1 

Abbey Pardue - Chair 8 - Soprano 1

Faith Drake - Chair 11 - Soprano 1

Alex Vaughn - Chair 13 - Soprano 1

Kyla McKinney - Chair 19 - Soprano 1

Laney Kimball - Chair 29 - Soprano 2

Julie Ritchie - Chair 2 - Alto  

Jake Jackson - Chair 9 - Tenor 1

Grant McCombs - Chair 14 - Tenor 1



Our fabulous kids, parents, some older siblings, and Coach Reid also helped me run/host the contest yesterday.  I have no words to say how much their servant-hearts and can-do attitudes mean to me!  They worked tirelessly for close to 11 hours. 11 HOURS!!  That's a LONG day for anyone but especially middle schoolers. They didn't complain.  They followed the procedures of the contest diligently.  They were beyond gracious and kind as they guided the multitude of terrified contestants around the building (upwards of 600 guests). They helped set up and tear down.  They cleaned. They did everything asked of them and more, and they were cheerful about it.  Also, almost all of our kids that auditioned were able to stick around to help work our concession stand after they sang. 


I know this is a long email but these kiddos also deserve some serious recognition.  If you see them in the hallways, will you please give these kiddos a pat on the back:


Maddie Frizzell

Kinley Mulloy

Anaka Tate

Alexes Wood

Alexandra Valadez

Haylee Jones

Caroline Pierce

Aniaya Deleon

Lauren Lavergne

Addyson Newberry

Jayden Wickman

Alex Serna

Allie Shinn

Morgan Hayes

Haidyn Bushell

Nate Talamantez

Mary Jane Cuevas

Christian Holloway

Jamie Cuevas




Finally, a HUGE "thank you" to Mr. Jerabek for his tremendous support and wisdom throughout this process and to those that graciously allowed us to invade their space: Amy Williams, Stephani Campbell, Angela Robinson, Ida Cisneros, Mona Stewart, Toni Gafford, Kacy Springer, Katrina Smith, Tinese Ammons, and June Bearden. Also, Morgan Dixon for being willing to let us use the cheer room if we needed it.  



FMS truly is the best! Go Tigers!



Amy Moss
Choir Director
Frenship Middle School
Proud graduate of:
Wayland Baptist University, B.M.
Texas Tech University, M.M.E.D.