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2017 TSJCL Convention Results

Academic Tests and Classical Civilization (Art):

Emily Bayliss – 5th in Sculpture; 7th in Pottery
Katie Chaffin – 3rd in Polychromatic; 6th in State T-Shirt Design
Jacob Evans – 10th in Models
Tara Findley – 4th in Poetry
KenLea Frederick – 10th in Vocal Solo
Ashley Lang – 9th in Latin Literature, Level 3
Katie Tucker – 10th in Latin Derivatives, Level 1
Lexi Voorhies – 3rd in Oil/Acrylic; 6th in Monochromatic; 6th in Greek Life & Literature, Level 3
Jordyn Wainscott – 6th in Watercolor/Pastel

7th in Play – Reagan Thomas, Clara Baker, Emily Bayliss, Katie Chaffin, Cordell Little, Caleb Starr


Cum Laude – Trisha Bolla, Jacob Evans, KenLea Frederick, Ashley Lang, Camden Lathan, Cordell Little, Christian Lopez, Gabi Mallindine, Haley Mimms, Monica Saso, Caleb Starr, Katie Tucker, Lexi Voorhies, Shania Williams

Magna Cum Laude – Ethan Allen, Clara Baker, Emily Bayliss, Luke Blackmon, Katie Chaffin, Katina Matilac, Christian Meador, Jowie Patano, Jordyn Wainscott

1st in Ludi Volleyball
2nd in Ludi Catapult