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Texas DECA State Awards

Texas DECA State Awards
MET Sports Visual Display Event: McCaleb Hart
MET Hospitality & Tourism Game Board: McCaleb Hart
Team Decision Making Events
Marketing Management Team Devision Making: Miller Hardy & Brycen McClellan
Sports and Entertainment Marketing Team Decision Making: Case Dickey & Hayden Frick
Personal Financial Literacy Event
Personal Financial Literacy: Nicholas Doss; Brett Morris
Business Operations Research Events
Buying and Merchandising Operations Research: Adam Barnett & Grayson Murphy
Chapter Team Events
Community Service Project: Kelsie Hudgens & Jan Wilson
Marketing Representative Events
Advertising Campaign: Ashley McClellan, Fausto Montes, & Caleb Starr
Fashion Merchandising Promotion Plan: Ally Black & Emily Black
Sports and Entertainment Promotion Plan: Brandon Hays, Ethan Oursbourn, & Brandon Ritchie
Professional Selling and Consulting Events
Professional Selling: Guy Morales