Mr. Jerabek
Welcome to an exciting time in Frenship's 75 year history!  Our school has fresh new classrooms, science labs and locker rooms to compliment our already outstanding facilities.  Did you know FMS has seen all 75 years of our district's existence?  Our school has served everyone from elementary through high school students and many are surprised to discover that the original section of our building was constructed by FDR's "Works Project Administration" following the Great Depression.

Frenship Middle School achieved an "Recognized" rating from TEA this year.  Thanks to amazing kids, supportive parents and our excellent, experienced staff, FMS is second to none on the South Plains.  I am filled with Tiger Pride and look forward to continued excellence in the years to come, not only in the classroom, but also in the parts of this life that matter most. 

I am honored to continue leading FMS through an era of excellence and am simultaneously humbled by the enormity of our school's potential to make a difference not only in West Texas, but throughout the World. We are experiencing a tremendous year here at Frenship Middle School and aim to continue setting the bar higher than it has ever been before. 

Jerry Jerabek, Principal

Frenship Middle School