Posted by Brittney Becton on Thursday, Nov 18th, 2010.

High school wasn't really my thing. But my junior year is what turned everything around for me. Before summer break, I was presented with the opportunity to graduate early, meaning I would leave my high school and go to Reese Education Center and obtain my diploma earlier than I would in normal classes. I only lacked my four core credits and I flew through them with little difficulty. It only took eleven weeks of hard work and determination but I graduated way earlier than my former classmates.

This program is an amazing blessing for anyone who is determined to move on with their lives and get through with high school. The teachers and staff out at Reese will go out of their way to help you reach your goals. I have never had a more amazing experience at school in my life. I am now able to move forward with my college career in Jaunuary 2011, and it is all thanks to this program!

-Brittney Becton