"Seek Perfection, Capture Excellence"

Reese Education Center is a Non Traditional Education Campus housing a credit recovery program (W.I.N.G.S. Program), an accelerated credit program (Accelerated Program) and the Frenship ISD Discipline Alternative Education Program (I.M.P.A.C.T. DAEP Program). All three educational programs offer a computer based flexible learning environment, a rigorous academic curriculum, an EOC preparatory program and a self-discipline program designed for at-risk students or those who prefer to learn in a self-paced environment.

The vision for the future of Reese Education Center is to continue to commit to the delivery of a quality individualized academic program that adds lifelong value to the students and the community.


Reese Education Center will:

  • Create a safe and positive learning environment
  • Provide for the unique needs and capabilities of the individual student
  • Foster student responsibility for their learning and behavior
  • Develop positive attitudes toward school, community and family
  • Foster high self-esteem in students and staff
  • Engage parents in a positive manner in their child's education
  • Stimulate teachers to become partners in the students education process
  • Provide opportunities to all students equipping them with the desirable traits as outlined in the Frenship ISD Graduate Profile:
    • Academically Equipped Graduates
    • Effective Communicators
    • Responsible Citizens 
    • Passionate Learners