“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

- Edmund Burke


The Frenship Independent School District employs a full-time police department of Texas Commissioned Peace Officers as allowed by the Texas Education Code Chapter 37.081. Frenship ISD has had a professional police presence since 1994.  Officers' work during the regular school day, Monday thru Friday, between the hours of 07:30 am to 4:00 pm. As well prescribed school sponsored activities.

The department employs officers with a minimum of a TCOLE Intermediate peace officer certification.  Officers also hold certifications as a Police Instructors, Basic Tactical Officer, and Basic to Advanced Investigator, Special Investigator, Hostage Negotiator and Gang Officer, as well as other training that specifically serves the district.

FISD police officers are highly motivated individuals that actively seek ways to improve the school environment, in addition creating and implementing special programs that address, Bullying, Non-Attendance, Gang Activity and other social needs as required.  All our officers are committed toward the common goal of developing students who academically excel, exhibit effective problem solving skills, and are of good character and citizenship.

The Frenship ISD Police Department jurisdiction of authority is authorized by Texas Education law and the Frenship ISD School Board to provide police services within the Frenship ISD to include enforcing laws of the State of Texas, within the limits of the COUNTY OF LUBBOCK, as well as enforcing city and county ordinances for the City of Lubbock and the City of Wolfforth. Frenship officers are also authorized to enforce state and federal laws.

To contact an officer during the regular school day, (07:30 to 16:30) dial the Casey Administration Reception Desk 806-866-9541. Please advise what campus your student or incident involves and give a brief description of your concern, and provide your contact information. 

The Frenship ISD Police Department radio dispatches through the Lubbock County Sheriff's Communication Center, 806-775-1601.  The City of Lubbock Communications Center, 806-755-2812, they are able to make contact with an officer as needed for non-emergency matters.

 Please refer all questions or concerns to the Chief of Police at: garranaga@frenship.us or 806-866-4440.