Embedding Content - A Great Alternative to Linking

In addition to the ability an editor has of pulling content in from another source through the sharing of app, embedding content is an alternate way of achieving this, particularly when the content source is outside your website.  This is done using ActiveBlocks™ in the Schoolwires Editor. 

Just like when an app isshared, content that is embedded is automatically updated when the source content is updated. When changes are made to the source location , these changes are simultaneously updated in the embedded location. The Embed ActiveBlocks are available in any of the apps that contain the full version of the Schoolwires Editor. 

Here is some content you might consider to embed. 

• Any text that you will to publish in multiple location on your website. 

• Information orginating from external websites 

• A filtered set of MiniBase results 

• A Form or Survey
Difference Between Simple and Complex Embeds 
Simple embeds allows you to display the content without any indication that the content is being pulled from another location. The embedded content will display as if it was the content of the source location. Use simple embeds are more commonly used when you wish to have content pulbished in several locations on your website. 
Complex embeds insert an iFrame around the source content and creates a boundary within which the source information displays. In this way, visitors to your website can navigate within the source content without leaving your site. Use complex embeds when you want to display content from another website or to display a Form or Survey.