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Each spring the West Texas farmers plant seed and have hopes of a great crop that they will harvest in the fall. At Frenship we plant our seeds early in the fall at the age of 5 and nurture these young, tender seedlings for 13 years! It is a tedious, expensive endeavor that the parents and faculty take very seriously. And each spring the Frenship Foundation for Leadership awards the cream of the crop with our character scholarships. This year was no different.

In the spring of 2004, it was the intent of the district to begin a new endeavor to assist our teachers and students for consistent displays of integrity and character. Our district is nationally known for the origination and implementation of the CHARACTER COUNTS program.

The Foundation was based upon the belief that "character" is a vital component in defining success, and "giving" is a major element of character. Since Frenship ISD has emphasized the teaching of character since 1997, there became a movement to reward FISD students who have shown a dedication to integrity – at a time in life when that may be the toughest. It seems ironic that college scholarships are most often granted to students for talents they were given at birth. In most cases we recognize that students have chosen to further develop or enhance those talents – yet, they still were born with intelligence, size and speed, musical/artistic talent, athletic ability, etc. Research suggests that character in youth is the greatest predictor of future success – and the primary difference…it is a choice we all are allowed make. How many talented musicians, artists, or athletes have served jail time? Prisons a full of highly intelligent people, but not many people are incarcerated who – as high school students – chose to be young people of integrity.

Congratulations to the Class of 2016 Scholarship Recipients!