Concussions and Concussion Management Protocol Requirements and Information

Concussions received by participants in sports activities are an ongoing concern at all levels. Recent interest and research in this area has prompted reevaluations of treatment and management recommendations from the high school to the professional level. Numerous agencies and associations throughout the United States responsible for developing guidelines addressing the management of concussion in high school student-athletes have developed or revised their guidelines for concussion management. The The 83rd Legislative Session added legislation requiring that Cheerleader Sponsors/Coaches are required to have the concussion training along with all athletic coaches.

HB 2038 as passed by the 82nd Legislature and signed by the Governor also added section 38.158 to the Texas Education Code, which concerns training requirements for coaches, athletic trainers and potential members of a Concussion Oversight Team in the subject matter of concussions, including evaluation, prevention, symptoms, risks, and long-term effects. For purposes of compliance with TEC section 38.158, the UIL authorizes all Continuing Professional Education (CPE) providers that are approved and registered by the State Board for Educator Certification (SBEC) and Texas Education Agency (TEA) as approved individuals and organizations to provide concussion education training.

FISD Concussion Oversight Team  2015-2016

   Nancy Carleton       FISD Athletic Trainer

   Kimber Rogers        FISD Athletic Trainer

   Dustin Rush             FISD Athletic Trainer

   Dr. Stephen Cord

   Dr. Kevin Crawford

   Dr. Robert King

   Dr. Field Scovell

   Stan Kotara PA-C