Frenship ISD School Board
Conflict Disclosure Statement

The seven member Board of Education acts as the school district's policy-making board and is the official representative of the people for all public education in the Frenship Independent School District. The Board functions according to state and federal laws, and the State Commissioner of Education and will of the people as expressed in district elections. The Board of Trustees, while composed of individuals, acts officially only as a group. No member, person or group of persons acts in the name of the Board except when authorized by the Board to do so. Trustees serve without pay for overlapping terms of three years. Elections are conducted in May. Candidates run for specific places but do not represent certain geographical areas. Board officers are elected by its membership.

Time and Place:
3rd Monday of every month - 7:00 p.m.
Casey Administration Board Room
501 7th Street, Wolfforth, TX


Board agendas and minutes

We believe:

People are our most important resource
A passion for learning is essential for success
A commitment to excellence results in Frenship ISD creating a premier environment for our students
Each student has an opportunity to reach his/her potential
Character is essential to the development of leadership
Our district puts our students first
Frenship is a community-centered district, grounded in our history, our achievements, and respectful of our culture

Vision: Seek perfection. Capture excellence.


Mission Statement:
Frenship ISD's mission is to educate and develop all students by providing a foundation to empower them to reach their maximum potential and realize their opportunity of choice.