Website safety for our students involves information we post on students on our websites, links we provide to students and sites that are blocked by the district's firewall.

Student Information on the Web

Teachers and Staff
Appropriate Material: Online communication of any student information or student work must comply with the "Technology Resources" section of CQ LEGAL and "Instructional Materials Selection and Adoption" EFAA LEGAL.
Parental Release: Before publishing a student’s picture, name, or work on the Internet, the school must have a signed parent FERPA form on file authorizing publication.

Student photos from school- or district-approved print publications may be used, without prior permission, for illustrating news on school or district websites.
Maintain privacy. Do not reveal the personal address or phone numbers of yourself or other persons.

First Names: We recommend that only first names of students be used in most cases.
Exceptions can be student names that tend to be well-known, such as student-athletes, students in UIL events that include productions performed publicly.