General Best Practices to Employ

Fonts, Sizes, and Colors
  • It's best to use sans serif fonts such as: Arial, Tahoma, Verdana, Trebuchet, Times New Roman
  • We recommend using one of the following font sizes: 10pt (Schoolwires Editor size 2) or 12pt (Schoolwires Editor size 3)
  • Black is the preferred text color. Avoid red, green, and yellow as color blind people will have difficulty seeing/reading the text.
  • Avoid using flashing/scrolling text as this can be an annoyance to your viewers and they may not read all content on your page.

Links and Attachments
  • Links to outside web pages should open in a new window, and be for informational or instructional purposes.
  • Verify that links outsite your webpages are functioning, current, and appropriate in nature.
  • Links should be descriptive (so that 'web readers' can pick up all the information) and put into context. Don't use "click here" to instruct a user where to click. For example:

    º Don't Do: Click here for a complete listing of upcoming events

    º Use Instead: Upcoming Events
  • Do ensure all text links have some visual cue that they are links. Whatever formatting you choose should be off limits for anything else on the site. If you use a shade of blue for links, your unlinked text or headers should never use this color.
  • Consider using PDF format when posting attachments. This will ensure that you will not be denying a user access to a document because of the program in which it was created.
  • Rather than linking to a document, use the Document Viewer app to embed the document in a web page. This will ensure that the document is intrinsic in the website and will be subject to translation should you have a translation featured as part of your template.

  • Avoid animated images as they are a distraction from the content on the page.
  • .jpg and .gif are preferred (bitmap and .png are not always recognized)
  • Resize photos either prior to uploading them or in the upload proces to avoid distortion.
  • Avoid background colors and images on pages. If background colors are used maintain high contrast between background colors and font for improved readability.
Source of some of this material: ABANET.ORG