Are Frenship ISD officers like other police officers?

Yes, our police officers are Texas Peace Officers licensed by the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Officers Standards and Education. The Frenship ISD Police Department has jurisdiction within the County of Lubbock, the City of Lubbock, and the City of Wolfforth as allowed by the Texas Education Code, Ch. 37.081.

Do our police officers write real tickets, and what happens to the tickets they write?

Yes, our officers write real tickets (citations). Once issued, they go to either the Lubbock County Justice of the Peace Court PCT-1 or the City of Wolfforth Municipal Court, the City of Lubbock Municipal Court.
Persons issued a citation must direct their questions of concerns to the court listed on the citation. Do not call the Frenship police chief.

Can FISD officers arrest adults and/or juveniles?

Yes, our officers have the same arrest powers and authority as any other peace officer in the State of Texas.

Can the police speak to my child (student) without my permission?

Yes, a Texas peace officer can speak to any child/student of any age who is suspected of a crime or other involvement during a criminal investigation. A peace officer employed by a school district may also speak to a child or student for administrative purposes.

Do the police have to notify me before they speak to my child (student)?

The only requirement to notify a parent applies if a child/juvenile is arrested for the reasonable suspicion of committing a criminal offense.
Frenship officers are sensitive to the initial concerns parents have when the police speak to their child. Although it is not policy, Frenship officers make a reasonable effort to contact parents when they speak to a "student" for any reason.
Students 17 years and older are lawfully considered adults under most laws. Texas peace officers in general do not need permission from the parents of another legally recognized adult to speak to them, even if they are a student in public schools. This includes that a notification of an arrest is not required.

Can our officers take action against a non-student or a student if they are not on school district property?

Yes, if an officer witnesses a crime or has cause to believe that a criminal offense has been committed.

If other law enforcement agencies need assistance, can our officers respond?

Yes, just as another law enforcement agency can assist our officers. Texas school district are required to enter into Memorandums of Understanding with local law enforcement for mutual support and assistance.

If I believe that I am a victim of crime or offense on Frenship ISD property or during a Frenship ISD event, whom do I contact?

The Frenship ISD Police Department investigates suspected criminal activities that may involve the Frenship ISD on or off school district property.

Whom do I contact in case of an emergency?

In case of an Emergency Dial 911.

Who supervises the police officers?

As prescribed by the Texas Education law, school district police officers are required to be supervised by a chief of police, who reports directly to the district superintendent.